In an industry where high performance and safety is every bit as important as looks, Freed Veneers has worked closely with its aviation clients to develop products which meet all the stringent requirements.

Working closely with its trade partners development teams, Freed Veneers has worked on a wide variety of projects to include the interiors of private aircraft through to large passenger jets.

Besides the supply of paper backed and thin plywood – full size – sheets, Freed Veneers also designs and produces precise veneered shapes for custom cabinetry use. Doors, bulkheads and fuselage panelling have all featured Freed Veneers products, as have tables and cabinetry greatly adding to the opulence and prestige of the aircrafts interior.

However, looks alone are not enough; veneered products have to be up to the rigours demanded from a busy aircraft interior. In a confined space, surfaces are going to be subject to ‘knocks’ as well as food and drink spillages. The veneered products also need to be developed so that they are fire retardant. Freed Veneers state of the art production facilities ensure that all veneered products for aerospace usage embody these most important characteristics whilst ensuring a prompt and efficient delivery.

  • Working with Freed Veneers has always been a pleasure; unlike so many Veneer Companies that claim to be the best, Freed Veneers IS. The professional and knowledgeable people at Freed's have always been able to find exactly the veneer we were looking for, no matter how obscure, from the darkest corners of the World at reasonable prices.

    From Tamo Ash to the finest Walnut burrs - in quantity and consistent quality; Engineered Veneers to specific designers' needs, to reclaimed recycled veneers, Freed Veneers excel.

    After twenty five years working for Jaguar LandRover and then seven years with Lawrence Automotive interiors as Veneer Purchasing Co-Ordinator, I have no hesitation in saying they are the finest people to work with if you want the best!

    Nick Plester
    Lawrence Automotive Interiors
  • I have known and worked with Laurence and Freed Veneers for over ten years and continue to be impressed but the quality of their personally sourced product and innovative product ranges.

    A passionate, friendly, family business that listen, is client focused and technically brilliant is such a pleasure to work with. Their reputation precedes them and I would not hesitate to recommend them for all wood and veneer project requirements. Rare and difficult to source veneer is a specialty.

    We wish them all the continued success for the next fifty years.

    Alex McDiarmid
    Alexander McDiarmid Design
  • Jaguar have for many years enjoyed an excellent relationship with Freed Veneers. 
As a strategic supplier to our veneered components plant in Coventry, they have been a pre-eminent supplier of the finest burrs and other exotic veneers, of consistent high quality, and at competitive prices.
    Bernard McGrail
    Jaguar & Land Rover